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Providing your customers in Washington and clients with ice hockey is no minor part of your business. Even though the ice could be small and even though it isn't the fundamental feature of what you do, with no ice you'd be bound to find some complaints. Most restaurants and bars need a lot more ice than any house, and therefore they need an ice maker and a dispenser that may take on the challenge. Large commercial ice machines can run into trouble, inconveniencing your company in a major way. You may need to run into the shop and get bags of ice to carry you over, and a few businesses would not be capable to go on at all with no working ice maker.

We provide cream to your ice machine at any time, twenty-four hours a day. And once your ice machine breaks down for good, we will assist you in finding a fantastic replacement and ensure it is in place firmly. Telephone Five Star Mechanical specializing in commercial Heating & Cooling, For ice machine providers in Seattle And Western Washington.

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Ice Machine Installation in Seattle and Western Washington State

Washington Ice Machine Repair

You need to ensure that production can keep up with your company's needs. And, of course, it must match where you need it to: beneath the counter, at the top of the counter top, or as a stand-alone unit anyplace in the building. We may help you select the new ice machine and we are going to get it installed in the right location. Telephone Professionals at Five Star Mechanical for commercial ice machine services. Probably the most crucial things you may do for your commercial ice machine is to see it only gets maintenance from a trained tech. Otherwise, you could wind up with leaks from the system, ineffective operation, or even a system which only breaks once more soon after.

In addition to, an amateur will not know the measures for fixing an ice machine, meaning that the job may take way longer than it should, holding things up in your location of business. Call our team for industrial ice machine providers in Seattle, WA. We're a complete service commercial refrigeration service firm with years of expertise and several extremely trained specialists of our staff. You can trust us to provide excellent.


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Call our Five Star Mechanical experts for commercial ice machine services in Seattle, WA. We are a full–service commercial refrigeration service company with years of experience and many highly–trained technicians on our staff. You can trust us to provide excellent service no matter the size of the service, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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