Commercial HVAC Control Systems in Western WA

Let us service your existing BAS (Building Automation System) control system or design and install a new one that better suits your needs. Advancements in technology have yielded new control systems that allow you to more precisely manage your energy consumption. In addition, these new systems are easier to install, operate, and maintain.

Call us to discuss how a new BAS control system can improve the operation of your business or facility and reduce your energy consumption.

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Five Star’s Bes-Tech Digi-RTU Controller

Advanced, next generation controls will be a standard element of all new RTUs, but today there are various ways to access these new technologies. Five Star is very pleased to offer Bes-Tech’s Digi-RTU controller. Radical savings is the best way to describe what to expect.

Digi-RTU HVAC Roof Top, Water/Air Source Heat Pump

Digi-RTU is a control package designed for rooftop unit retrofits. The technology was developed for use on single-zone packaged rooftop units with either gas/electric heat or air source heat pump configurations. Using load-matching technology, the Digi-RTU can turn a constant volume, constant capacity unit into a variable capacity system. Studies indicate that implementation of the Digi-RTU system can result in a 40% to 60% average reduction in energy consumption and 30% to 60% decline in demand. These savings are created by modulating the speed of both the compressor(s) and indoor fan. Due to the lowered capacity, the Digi-RTU reduces unit cycling, creating spaces that have more controlled humidity levels. The Digi-RTU design includes temperature safeties and oil return logics that ensure its safe operation.

Five Star Mechanical’s – RTU Tune up

United States Department of Energy and ASHRAE both agree that “retrofit commissioning” of an HVAC roof top unit (RTU) is possibly the most cost-effective expenditure a business owner can make to save money and lower energy demand. Five Star’s RTU Tune-Up will get equipment as close to factory specs as possible. Our tune-up will show lower energy costs, but the tune-up is just the first step to radically lowering the energy demands of any RTU.

Camfil Farr Filters in Western WA

Create a healthier workplace and save your company money. Upgrading the air filter in your HVAC system is a simple, inexpensive way to improve the quality of your air while also reducing the cost associated HVAC maintenance.

We gladly endorse 30/30 Camfil Farr Filters due to the many benefits they provide our customers. Due to these advantages, labor to replace air filters and the cost of disposal is often cut in half. Learn more by giving us a call today! In the meantime, check out the benefits you will receive from installing a Camfil Farr 30/30® air filter.

The 30/30® has been setting the standard for pleated MERV 8 panels for a long time. The product has a very low-pressure drop throughout its lifetime and is consequently a very low-energy filter. For guaranteed MERV 8 performance, 30/30® is the right choice. Filters are available in 1″, 2″ or 4″ depths and are often used as pre-filters to higher efficiency filters. They also serve as stand-alone filters for rooftops, split systems, freestanding units and package systems and air handlers.


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