Different Types and Functions of Walk-In Unit Doors

Different Types and Functions of Walk-In Unit Doors

The doors of your walk-in unit are the entryway to the outside world and storage for valuable inventory. The doors of walk-in units are susceptible to wear and tear from customers and employees alike, and it is crucial to inspect them regularly for any damage. It is essential to understand the differences between walk-in and regular doors so that you can take care of them.


Many walk-in units have sliding doors at the entrance. To seal the cold air in, a sliding door must be able to slide fully closed. Your entry may not fill correctly if you can see the light through it. The products in your walk-in unit can be damaged or destroyed by outside air, and you can lose inventory due to door leaks. The components of your walk-in cooler also must work overtime to maintain the right temperature.


You must note that swing doors are made up of different parts from sliding doors. Swing doors have sweeps at the bottom. The door sweep avoids outside air from entering the walk-in unit, and the door sweeps can seal the team. Door sweeps need to be maintained by being adjusted as necessary and cleaned occasionally. Swing doors are typically equipped with hydraulic door closers.

To keep the swing door closed adequately, these closers must be working. Swing doors work in the same way as slide doors, and they protect your inventory and help to keep your investments safe. A properly functioning swing door can help maintain the temperature in your freezer or walk-in cooler.