How to Clean a Commercial Walk-in Cooler

How to Clean a Commercial Walk-in Cooler

Your business's ability to rely on a walk-in cooler depends on having a clean cooler. It is essential to maintain and clean your Delaware commercial walk-in cooler year after year. These are some ways to clean and maintain your walk-in cooler between service appointments.

a) Keep your floors clean by mopping and sweeping regularly. It will keep your foot clean and remove food debris and dirt that could attract pests.

b) Use soap & water for (almost!) everything: For the best results, use regular soap & water when you need to clean up. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can cause damage to cooler walls and machinery.

c) Use a stiff-bristled toothbrush and a self-rinsing cleaner to clean the evaporator coils Twice a year. This will keep debris and dirt under control. It will also reduce the cooling efficiency of your condenser.

d) Clean the door gaskets. They can block the doors from sealing correctly if they are too dirty. This will allow hot air to escape, increasing your energy bills. Replace gaskets immediately if they are deteriorating or falling apart.

e) Take the time to clean your fan blades At least twice a year, turn off the coolant, and use the time to clean the fan blades thoroughly.

f) Keep debris and objects away from fans and motors: Do not allow waste to accumulate or stack items around your walk-in cooler. Rem trim weeds and keep airflow open by clearing any obstructions around the coils. Do not pile anything on your walk-in cooler.

g) Professional drain cleaning: It is essential to have a reliable company that can service your walk-in cooler. This includes cleaning and flushing the drain lines.

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Cooler maintenance is not just about cleaning. A Delaware walk-in cooler maintenance service company should be servicing your cooler regularly. To ensure that the cooler runs efficiently, maintenance should include checking the coils, cables, belts, hoses, and gaskets. They will also need to inspect your electrical connections and mechanical components for smooth operation. Your service company should be able to help you troubleshoot and possibly even repair any problems with your walk-in cooler. Your business will run if you keep up with cleaning and maintenance.