The Holistic Benefits of Modular Chillers

The Holistic Benefits of Modular Chillers

All-around Energy saving efficiency

Not all chillers are created equal. Washington Seattle Tacoma Modular heat pump chillers offer benefits for local businesses like hot water generation using an all-electric system in WA, easily scalable, and a small footprint per module in WA. learn more about the energy-saving advantages of modular heat pump chiller technology in Seattle and Tacoma.

2) HVAC Repair Services
3) Energy Efficient
4) Heating Services


Chillers Are a Part of the Approach

As stated by many involved in a few of today's major construction projects, a holistic method of designing, installing, and operating central hvac chillers guarantees decreased energy and operational costs. One facet, according to JCI, to achieving these savings is a system-level automation applications, Central Plant Johnson Controls Optimization™10 (CPO 10) and Central Processing Optimization (CPO 30). "This approach allows consistent peak performance and energy savings in central plants in both new construction and existing buildings throughout Washington Seattle Tacoma.

Depending on the climate, region, and gear configurations, a central chilled water plant can consume over 30 percent of their power necessary to conduct a construction. A centre's central plant equipment and independent components can now be designed and operated as one integrated system with all the new software to achieve peak efficiency performance.

"Washington Seattle Tacoma Building operators and owners have the biggest chance to realize savings where the facility consumes the most energy - the central chilled water plant. We’re the Commercial HVAC repair experts for:

1) Air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces Boilers
2) Building automation
3) Chillers: centrifugal and reciprocating chillers
4) Control systems
5) Cooling towers
6) Ductless split systems
7) Exhaust fans
8) Pumps, including water source heat pumps
9) Refrigeration
10) Rooftop package units
11) Server rooms

Other Commercial HVAC services we provide:

1) Variable Frequency Drives
2) Computer Room Air Conditioning
3) VAV Box Service and Installation
4) Variable Refrigerant Volume HVAC
5) Chiller Maintenance, Replacement and Overhauls
6) Vibration Analysis
7) Heat Exchanger Maintenance and Cleaning
8) Hydronic Systems

"A holistic approach to plant operations and design is necessary to drive efficiencies which minimize operating costs, reduce environmental impact, and result in a better return on investment".


Energy efficiency in HVAC Traditionally has been driven by the capacities of individual components. Central Plant Optimization changes that using the holistic system approach, said Walicki. He explained there is the potential to reach and sustain ongoing savings throughout the whole lifecycle of an HVAC system.

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CPO 10 and 30 feature management technologies that are designed to give system functionality improvements based on real-time construction loads. When incorporated with a modern building automation program and effective HVAC equipment, CPO software alternatives can help a chilled water plant program achieve maximum energy savings.

HVAC system CPO 10 maximizes a facility's and equipment performance by selecting the most effective pumps, chillers, and cooling systems needed to fulfill building cooling load; according to the company, the software works with all types virtually of central plants. It could reach up to 15 percent in energy savings within a standard automation system within an otherwise identical plant.

A Metasys® building management system powers CPO 10. Provides customized plant operating information via standard browsers and Apple iPhone® and iPod® Touch platforms to track plant performance.

Metasys Energy Essentials reporting In addition, enables visibility of electricity use, including gear starts and stops runtime, energy consumption and energy cost details, weather details, and daily load profiles, helping to track and preserve plant performance over time.

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The CPO 30 is powered by Optimum HVAC and integrates a software application from Optimum Energy that constantly optimizes central chilled water plant operation to realize peak energy efficiency and performance. According to the company, the software includes relational control technology that makes it feasible to operate variable-speed central plants based on the power relationships between each piece of gear and real-time cooling load conditions.

Every 30 seconds, the program automatically gathers existing building and operating load data from the BAS. The program then applies relational control algorithms to compute optimum system functionality and directs control strings with built-in dimension, verification, and management solutions. These services offer system operators the information they need to sustain energy discounts. Graphs and charts can be utilized to monitor real-time energy use, handle system operations, and find and correct system faults as they occur.

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