Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Checklist

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Checklist

Regular cleaning and care of commercial kitchen equipment will help extend its lifespan, no matter how often you schedule maintenance. It also removes grease buildup, efficiently cleaning and sanitizing your commercial kitchen equipment. Here are some steps to help you get started when creating a checklist for commercial kitchen maintenance.


A gas or electric fryer should be standard in any commercial kitchen. Fryers have a direct and noticeable impact on food quality compared to other equipment, and poorly maintained fryers can lead to poor food quality. This maintenance checklist will help you keep your customers satisfied.

● Extract dirty oil regularly
● Gas leaks should be checked in the fryer
● Make sure all probes are clean
● Check that the combustion fans work correctly.
● Make sure that probes that are broken are replaced as soon as possible.

Fridges & Freezers

The fridges and other refrigeration areas are not used for food preparation. Cleaning these areas is easy. The main job lies in maintaining the equipment and ensuring it keeps food cold. This equipment requires:

● Adjust the thermostats to achieve the correct temperature
● Take out excess ice and moisture
● Ensure that your hinges are well lubricated and that you clean the gaskets.
● Refrigerant levels should be checked and replenished to the recommended level.
● Conduct repairs if necessary.

Oven & Ranges

Although ovens and ranges offer a way for patrons to enjoy delicious dishes, poorly maintained equipment can prevent them from doing so and pose safety risks. Make sure your ovens and cooktops are in peak working order.

● Make sure that your burners are regularly cleaned
● Do not stand on oven doors
● Periodically inspect the burners to ensure cracks are not present
● Make oven doors closed tightly
● Make sure to check for any leaks in grease lines and drain them properly
● As needed, remove, clean, and replace the air filters.

Sinks and dishwashers

Maintaining a clean kitchen means properly washing and disinfecting all areas. It doesn't matter if you use commercial dishwashers or wash dishes with your hands; these systems must be maintained to ensure optimal performance. These are some maintenance tips for this equipment:

● Check for chips and dents in the dish racks.
● Commercial dishwashers can be used to clean food scraps from plates. This will prevent clogging.
● Check the water in the tank and clean it regularly.
● Check the liquid levels of all detergents and rinse aids.

Food Preparation

Keeping your commercial kitchen equipment clean is essential, but it does not mean you should neglect the areas where food is prepared. You must ensure that you keep your floors and countertops clean.

● Vacuuming and washing rugs
● Cleaning countertops and tables
● Vacuum, mop, and dust floors

Wrapping up

The primary purpose of a restaurant kitchen maintenance list is to make it more accessible to all employees and ensure the best quality food. These tips will help you start your journey to a more organized and functional restaurant kitchen.


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