4 most expensive commercial equipment repairs

These are the 4 most expensive commercial equipment repairs you'll ever have to deal with

It isn't easy to run a restaurant, which costs a lot. A restaurant must have the right equipment to prepare delicious food and great drinks. Without well-functioning equipment, a restaurant cannot be run.

Kitchen equipment, just like all machines, is costly to buy, rent, own, fix and maintain. Knowing why and how your equipment is failing is the first step in making necessary adjustments to your maintenance and repair management.

This article will discuss the four most expensive pieces of restaurant equipment and explain how to keep them clean.

Initial Costs

There is an initial cost to purchase, rent, or lease the equipment, and it all depends on the number of pieces of equipment needed, how big your restaurant is, what your menu offers, and so forth. No matter how many parts you need, they can still be expensive.

You will need to keep the equipment in good condition and maintain it because of its initial price. New equipment is terrible; these appliances will wear out quickly and cause more problems.

Example An oven can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on its feature. You'll also need ventilation to cool the ranges, which can cost you up to $1,500 per foot (on average, you will
need 10 feet).). This is a significant investment that you will want to take care of!

Repair & Maintenance Costs

As you use your kitchen equipment daily, the machinery will inevitably need repairs, maintenance, or replacement. These costs should be known so you can budget for your restaurant's operations.

Some equipment may require additional maintenance or upkeep. Some equipment may need more frequent maintenance.

An ice machine, for example, is an expensive piece of equipment and requires regular cleaning. This should be done, but it isn't always. The ice machine will start to deteriorate faster than it should and may require repair.

How can you make sure that your restaurant equipment lasts? Ensure preventative maintenance is in order!

Preventative Maintenance

Lack of maintenance is the number one reason that kitchen equipment fails. Preventative maintenance is also known as equipment maintenance, and it helps extend the life of your equipment while maintaining its condition.

Preventative maintenance refers to regular inspections and equipment servicing, and this is done for the equipment to last longer. Monitoring your kitchen equipment regularly is essential to avoid unexpected and untimely breakdowns.

According to this industry report, only 46% have four preventive maintenance practices. This is a low number, considering how much your business will be affected by a lack of preventative maintenance.

Preventive maintenance can save thousands of dollars and allow you to spend that money on other areas of your business.

The most expensive pieces of equipment are? Which ones would benefit from preventive maintenance, and what are some others? Below are 4 of our top picks!

1) Refrigerators

Your fridges can store thousands of dollars of products, so it is essential to ensure that they are always running. Your fridge is probably the most crucial piece of kitchen equipment. Emergency fridge repairs can be costly, but they are not as expensive as food waste.

Refrigerators should be cleaned regularly and checked periodically to ensure the correct temperatures. This is important for safety, and health checks, as food must be kept at the right temperature. A warm fridge in a restaurant's walk-in freezer is a nightmare!

2) Dishwashers

The dishwasher is the equipment and the person who does it! Every restaurant needs a dishwasher, and it doesn't matter how delicious your food or drinks are unless you have plates and cutlery to go with them. Many types of commercial dishwashers are available, including door and conveyor models.

The dishwasher is almost always on during a day of service. Equipment failures or deterioration can be caused by water, chemicals, and the many moving parts, leading to expensive repairs. It is crucial to have preventative maintenance for your dishwasher to ensure that it runs smoothly and keeps all your dishware clear.

3) Ovens

You don't want to cut corners on your commercial oven - it is essential! Many ranges are available depending on what kind of restaurant you run, and convection, conveyor, and pizza ovens all require regular maintenance. Oven ranges and ventilation are expensive to install, so it is essential to maintain them, mainly if you rely on them.

4) Deep Fryers

Many QSR restaurants have several fryers because they are integral to their product offerings. What if all your fryers failed at once? It could be a disaster! If their fryer breaks down, a single QSR could lose as much as $6,000 daily.

Fryers must be cleaned daily as they can collect a lot of greases and pose a fire hazard. It is essential to ensure that your fryer is clean and can reach the correct temperature. Setting up preventative maintenance for your deep fryers monthly is not worth the money.

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