Wine Cooler Repair – Before you replace

Wine coolers can be a great addition to your business or home. They allow you to preserve your favorite vintages at the right temperature. What happens if you decide to open a bottle of wine one night and find it isn't at the right temperature? Repairing your wine cooler is a good idea before you replace it.

Wine coolers can last on average 9-13 years or more, and they are also relatively inexpensive at $150-$2000 to replace for residential but can cost thousands for commercial. It doesn't necessarily mean it should be replaced just because it makes strange or inefficient noises. There are many reasons your wine cooler may not be working correctly.

  1. Bad location - In a room that receives too much sunlight or is too hot.
  2. Seals on the wine cooler doors
  3. Avoid placing too close to cabinets or walls that do not allow for proper ventilation
  4. Malfunctioning fan
  5. Faulty thermostats
  6. Compressors that are not working properly
  7. Condensers that are not working properly
  8. Drain line obstruction
commercial refrigeration

These may seem daunting, but it is worth consulting a wine cooler repair specialist before you spend too much on a replacement.

If wine is stored at inappropriate temperatures, it can cause damage to the wine and make it unusable. It is essential to immediately address any problems you notice with your wine cooler -  five Star Mechanical Commerical Appliance Repair services many top-brand wine coolers like Haier, Thermador, and Bosch.

Call us today to know about your commercial wine cooler/ chiller repair needs. Five Star Mechanical's Commercial Appliance Repair is Seattle's trusted commercial appliance repair company. We look forward to getting your wine cooler working again.

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