A New Guide to Commercial HVAC Maintenance

A Guide to Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Seattle and Tacoma

Commercial cooling and heating requirements in Seattle and near Tacoma Washington will vary from one location to the next. This is due to the climate in the area and the work environment. These are some things to keep in mind when maintaining your commercial HVAC system.

How old is the system?

A system that is older will likely need more maintenance than one that is newer. The introduction of smart HVAC systems has made it possible for technology to help us know when it is time for some HVAC maintenance. Older models may not be able to tell us when they need help until they begin to exhibit signs of distress. This could lead to costly repairs.

Are your air filters clean?

The commercial HVAC system will clean and filter the air. However, over time, like all HVAC systems, they can accumulate dirt, dust, and other debris. This may be possible depending on the model and size of your HVAC system. If you are unsure how to clean filters properly, it is worth consulting a local HVAC contractor.

Is the thermostat in good condition?

The thermostat can cause problems with efficiency if it isn't in a good condition. If you don't have a programmable thermostat, this is likely the most important part of your system. It can also be the easiest to repair. If your thermostat has these features, make sure it is in top condition. Also, ensure that you run regular diagnostics to make sure everything is working properly.

Are the Refrigerant Levels Being Checked?

The refrigerant is essential for keeping the air cool. The refrigerant level could be too low if your unit is producing warm air. Low refrigerant levels could also indicate that your commercial HVAC system has been working harder than it should. This can lead to higher heating and cooling costs.

When was it last serviced?

Are you able to recall when your system was last serviced? It's surprising how little you know about this vital information. Keep a log of all maintenance and services you have performed on your system to help you identify when it may be time for a professional to inspect your cooling and heating systems. These are just a few things to consider when you think about commercial HVAC maintenance. Contact us to learn more.

Are You in Control of Your Commercial HVAC System?

You are the project manager for an apartment building in Seattle, Tacoma, or a larger complex like a school or hospital. You are responsible for ensuring the comfort of all who use the structure or building. It is vital to keep large buildings warm or cool. Inefficient operations can result in loss of clients, money, and even job losses. How do you ensure your commercial HVAC system provides the best service?

Look at your current heating and air conditioner commercial contractors near Seattle and assess if they can "walk the talk" and take responsibility. What are their communication skills? Are they punctual and trustworthy?

insulated air ducts and piping of air conditioning system

Do not take small things for granted. Manage your reputation by following a simple rule: Hold on to your core values.

You should always receive top-notch service. Ask if your HVAC needs are being handled by an account manager. This will ensure that you have minimal interruptions to your heating and ac repair service if any and that it is clear what is being done, for how long, etc. You should follow up with current proof of completed service.

Is your commercial HVAC company near Seattle is up to date with the latest innovations? Is the HVAC company using the right software for repairs, replacements, and maintenance? The software allows for faster testing by predefining the procedures. Technicians no longer need to think about all possible tests. It is easy to use the software and it improves diagnostic accuracy. The software allows technicians to match the right repairs based upon the measurements that they have entered, rather than guessing.

It is always better to work smarter than to work hard. It is possible to save time and money by using software to find and track any problems and take the necessary steps to correct them. This allows you to keep a track of the HVAC system's current status in real-time. If an issue is not addressed by the technician, they can avoid having to return. Electronic payment methods, in addition to electronic record-keeping and billing, are quick and easy. You may reach a point where, depending on how big your building is, you can talk to your HVAC company personnel first. A good indicator that your HVAC company is doing well is the retention of employees. Five Star believes company culture is key to attracting and keeping employees. Five Star stated that companies can succeed if they have a high level of collaboration, foster constant communication, and are committed to continuing to train their technical workforce.

A high turnover rate in heating and HVAC technicians is a warning sign. HVAC companies invest time and money in training their employees and keeping them current on the latest developments in their industry. This and providing fair hours, good insurance, and a friendly work environment will almost always result in long-term loyal employees. This is also a sign of how they will treat you as a facility manager or project manager. It is important to partner with an HVAC company that is trustworthy, reliable, up to date on current innovations, and retains its technicians. This is how you know your commercial HVAC company is taking care of your HVAC system. Five Star Heating & Cooling looks forward to showing you this. Get in touch with us today.

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